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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to come read about me. I'm a dad of two boys in the local schools. I am a current Deputy with the Virginia Beach Sheriffs Office. I am also an Air Force veteran. My oldest son, Ryan, attends Woodside High School. He is in the magnet program for the arts. He plays Cello in the orchestra. My youngest son, Wesley, attends Mary Passage Middle School. He is also in the Orchestra and also plays the Cello. Arts are very important to the growth of the mind and spirit in my opinion.

My children and their safety matter to me. Your children and their safety also matter to me. That is the biggest reason why I'm running for School Board. Over the past several years we've had numerous school shootings throughout the country. Our current School Board has done nothing to improve the security of these schools for the safety of the children or staff. Let's change that. Also, what the children learn is very important. They need to learn facts, not opinions. They need to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of OUR history. They deserve to be proud to live here. Lastly, you, The Parent matters. I want you to come talk to me. Hold me accountable. Your voice matters. Let me be your voice.


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Andrew Hlavacek

For School Board

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